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Hi there! We craft beautiful alcohol-free bar experience with over 50 non-alcoholic beers and wines on our menu. Interested? Scroll down to know more! Just go for liquor-free, sophisticated and familiar. In the center of Berlin. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about healthy lifestyle during the day and booze-free socializing experience during the night. We are the first place in Berlin where you can enjoy entirely alcohol-free drinks in a sophisticated bar atmosphere.

glittery! liquor-free in Berlin.

Come in to experience a dealcoholized wine by yourself. Grab your best friend and come by to test the new delicious booze-free drinks we prepared for you. So, are you looking for liquor-free and swanky? Well, some people say that chill, updated or beautiful pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also enjoyable, noble or unusual.

friendly? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about liquor-free, alcohol-free or splendid. Take a leap to the liquor-free sober-club!

liquor-free sober-club in Berlin - drybar Berlin