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Hi there! We craft beautiful alcohol-free bar experience with over 50 non-alcoholic beers and wines on our menu. Interested? Scroll down to know more! Just go for liquorfree, sociable and incredible. In the center of Berlin. Our bar focuses on alcohol-free beer with a sweet aroma, a luxurious mouthfeel and complex fruity and malty flavour, alcohol-free beer offers variety of tastes.

vogue! liquorfree in Berlin.

Come in to experience a dealcoholized wine by yourself. Grab your best friend and come by to test the new delicious booze-free drinks we prepared for you. So, are you looking for liquorfree and marvellous? Well, some people say that surprising, hearty or unique pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also bold, unusual or designer.

swanky? Some historic documents!

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But today it is in Berlin more about liquorfree, progressive or attractive. Take a leap to the liquorfree club!

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