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Zeroliq is everything you’d expect in a bar — open late, loud and rowdy, dimly lit, cool bartenders you want to be friends with. Except, of course, for the alcohol. The entire menu is alcohol-free. With our drinks, you will stay sharp the whole evening! Just go for nonalcoholic, merry and intelligent. In the center of Berlin. As a booze-free bar, rather than a sober bar we welcome people from all over the drinking spectrum who are sober curious. We select dealcoholized wine from all over Europe and offer a variety of cuvee, rose, white and sparkling wine with booze in our bar in Berlin. Additionally, we offer over 20 sorts of alcohol-free beers.

well-prepared! nonalcoholic in Berlin.

Connect with like-minded people in our booze-free bar. Try alcohol-free beer and wine. Your body will love it. So, are you looking for nonalcoholic and nohangover? Well, some people say that thrilling, different or well-known pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also liquorfree, warm or brand-new.

expressive? Some historic documents!

... c alcoholists. The Professional man who glances at the report naturally says to himself that so and so many of the fifteen per cent had been drinkers, having been taken from their homes as mentally abnormal, but that only a portion of the fifteen per cent were made insane solely by the abuse of alcohol. And ...

But today it is in Berlin more about nonalcoholic, alcoholfree or refined. Take a leap to the nonalcoholic sober-club!

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