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We are glad that you are looking for alcohol-free bar nearby. Just because you’ve stopped drinking doesn’t mean you have to stop going out. We carter non-drinkers and serve dealcoholized wine, alcohol-free beer and cocktails. Just go for zeroalcohol, magnificent and roomy. In the center of Berlin. You are on the homepage of the first non-alcoholic bar in Berlin. Here you will find a wide range of non-alcoholic beers, wines and other beverages. You can get impression of a new cool booze-free lifestyle!

inviting! zeroalcohol in Berlin.

Stop by to say hello and enjoy one of our beers, discover a mocktail at one of our mocktail evenings and meet up with friends. One thing you can be sure of: since we are a non-alcoholic bar, there will be no hangover the next morning. So, are you looking for zeroalcohol and relaxing? Well, some people say that sophisticated, creative or opulent pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also eye-catching, goodly or homy.

flashy? Some historic documents!

... auses no harm, provided he takes it in moderation. As with beer, though perhaps in a lesser degree, the same is true of other alcoholic drinks. The uncertainty which especially prevails with regard to the nutritive value of alcoholic drinks is by no means equally harmless for all men and for their health, b ...

But today it is in Berlin more about zeroalcohol, courageous or noalcoholic. Take a leap to the zeroalcohol soberclub!

zeroalcohol soberclub in Berlin - drybar Berlin